What we do

ProjectMyTeam specializes in providing small business owners the resources and tools they need at affordable prices. We offer Complete Digital Marketing Solutions at a lower cost. We sell custom designed web sites for only $99. 

These are popular services we offer however you will focus only on web design.

Web Design
Social Media Management

What you will do

Referral Agents will create opportunities for new ones to learn about our services. You can market our services 4 ways. 


Tell your friends about us. 


Tell your family about us.

Local Businesses

Call, mail, or speak to local business owners. 


Reach out to business owners via Social Media. 

Sales Agents will make 75 calls per day to local businesses regarding our services. 


Referral Agents will work when they want to work. You will have no set schedule.

Sales Agents will work 9 Am-11:30 Am their first week up to 10 hours

Afterwards they will work up to 20 hours a week. While Sales Agents will be able to create their own schedule they will need to stick that schedule. 


Referral Agents get paid $50 for every sale during your first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks write your own paycheck. For every website you submit all we ask is $99 you keep the rest. For instance, you sell a $300 website, you make $200! 

Sales Agents earn $8 per hour their first week and $10 per hour after 2 weeks. And $13 per hour after 30 days.

How it works

1.Sign up below as either a referral agent or a sales agent.

A referral agent gets paid per sale.

A sales Agent gets paid hourly. 

2. Complete our 1 hour training certification

3. Start Working

4. Get paid. 

Referral agents are paid the day of the sale. 

Sales Agents are paid every Friday at 5 Pm Est. 

Referral Agent

Sales Agent

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